The Right Path

The Right Path

Life After Death

Join Saoirse’s on an incredible and unusual spiritual journey as she discovers answers to many questions asked about life and death.

ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1982213794

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In 2016, author Saoirse Brown’s husband, Richard Howorth, died of esophageal cancer at the age of 47. Like so many people who have lost loved ones, she was plunged into heartfelt grief and began to question everything about life-and-death.

What happens after we die?
Is there a heaven?
Is there an afterlife?

Then in an extraordinary series of events Saoirse began to get answers.

In The Right Path, she shares the story of her life with and the love for her husband, as well as her spiritual awakening and psychic abilities that began after his death. She tells of the incredible connection with the other side, her spirit guides and beautiful angels that were present offering love, support and guidance to a new life, and during this process managed to find peace and happiness.

This memoir chronicles the details of Saoirse’s incredible and unusual spiritual journey where she was able to piece together so much of what has remained a mystery to so many people for so long, offering answers to many questions asked about life and death.

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