Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Although writing my book was a difficult process, I felt I needed to do so to help others that were going through a similar situation, not just the emotional rollercoaster of death and grief, but anyone that is pushed into a spiritual awakening from such a trauma.

It would make no sense to me to sit with what I have been shown and not share what I have been given with others. Of course that is our purpose in life: Find your gifts and then share them.

There is no doubt that the past couple of years have been extremely painful, but it has also been the most wonderous and magical time of my life – a time of tremendous spiritual growth and transformation, I have such gratitude for where I am today.

My aim going forward is not only to be able to help people overcome grief. It is also to show you that, although you will undoubtedly go through pain in your life, with a mindful approach to living, you are able to alleviate some of the suffering. Also, I wish to show how to start taking steps to living a conscious life, which is: Being aware of every aspect of your life. To know why you behave the way you do is crucial to this transformation and I would like to share with you what I have learnt through my journey.

From a very early age, through your connection with parents, teachers, siblings and friends, you begin to pick up your limiting beliefs – which you carry with yourself to adulthood. These beliefs are all stored within your subconscious and most of what is stored there you are unaware of, but these beliefs are what hold you back from being who you truly are: Your authentic self.

As Bruce Lipton explains, 95% of your behaviour comes from your subconscious. So, can you begin to imagine the things you are saying to yourself on a daily basis such as: “I am not loved, I am not wanted, I am not worthy, I am not enough, I am not pretty, I don’t deserve nice things, I don’t deserve to be treated well”? The list is endless. Until you are shown these limiting beliefs and change the programming, your life will remain the same.

It isn’t just your subconscious that plays a part in this transformation, but also your thought process, being aware and conscious on how you communicate with one another in your daily life. By using the mirroring effect you learn how to live without judgement, attachment, ego and expectations. This way of living helps with all relationships.

My wish for the upcoming year is to share my message around the globe, and to show you how to live, a life not of fear but of love, to become more connected with one another and to help others become more conscious in the way you live. This in turn brings about the inner peace and happiness that I have found in my journey.

Wishing you love, peace and happiness for 2019!

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