The hardest journey of all – the journey to me! Finding yourself is the quickest path to living a fulfilled and passionate life.

They say that even the longest of journeys starts with a single step. I have often found that this is even more true when looking at the journey to ourselves. The first step in this case is not be a physical one but it is a mental one. It is also an extremely difficult step to take. One of the hardest things for us to really do in our lives, is to look into ourselves.

Looking back, this was a difficult journey for me but I will never regret having taken that first step. It was a time in which I was still grieving my late husband, dealing with moving countries, but most of all dealing with this need to start again. In all this I realised that what I needed to do first was find me.

Find my purpose.

Find out who I really was.

You might be wondering why I would need to find myself. We know where we are after all. We need to each day in order to live, to participate in life. At this stage in my life I was feeling lost for so many reasons and knew deep down inside that if I wanted to move forward, it wasn’t a physical trip I needed to make. I had already journeyed back to the United Kingdom from the Middle East. I needed to take a mental trip into myself.

” I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me. “

Never Been to Me, Charlene

It is in these words that I can see why I needed to make this journey. The reason why so many of us need to make this journey. The thing is, in life, many of us walk a path that we have been told to. We go to school, we get a qualification or a job or both at the end of our schooling, and we suddenly find ourselves walking a path that we haven’t consciously decided to take. It is often the path that was decided on by the circumstances at the time. We fully believe that it is a conscious decision. Logically we can even find proof to say it was.

It is generally not.

Often this path we are walking has very little to do with our inner needs and desires. It generally has everything to do with what those around us have told us is best for us. It is at this point that finding ourselves and checking to see if we are taking the right journey is the most important. When we are in a time of great change, be it from grief, a change in general circumstances (losing a job, moving home, a new relationship), or a general feeling that something is not quite right, the first thing we really need to do, but rarely do, is check in with ourselves and see if the next step we take is in the right direction for us.

In my work, as a life coach, I find I’m not alone here. We all need to go within to start the real journey. It is only by doing this that we can find our own mountains, valleys, beaches and other awesome views. Until we do this we might as well be driving in the dark, with no headlights, no streetlights and our sunglasses on!

How do we take this journey into ourselves then? How do we really find ourselves?

The first step is to make the decision to do it and to stick with it until you reach your destination. Interestingly, it is when you take that first step and start hitting the resistance of your minds, that you will know you have taken a step on the right path. That moment when you feel like it may not be a good thing, or those personal doubts start to surface is often the time that you are heading in the right direction, that you are taking the right steps.

Even though going into yourself is a very personal journey, it often works best to do it with support. That support can come from many places, be it from someone close to you who is supportive of whatever path you chose, or a life coach, having that person along on the journey is helpful for overcoming the obstacles which may stand in your way.

This inner work you do is so important. It is in that moment that you find the true, raw and honest self, that you really connect with the purpose and passions within your life. It is this moment that had your looking at the spectacular views that are your life. The views that make you the wonderful and unique individual that contributes to the betterment of those around you.

” It is at this point that those I work with also feel that they have a new lease on life, a new beginning. One that shines with Purpose and Passion.”