I’m Saoirse Brown an author, and a life coach with a twist. I really like to connect fully to the inner you, to work through life’s challenges and reach your goals. Before we get into what it is that I do as a life coach I would love to share a little more about me with you.

I love life. I especially love nothing more than travelling the globe and exploring different cultures and their cuisines. I spent 18 years of my life living in the Middle East with my husband and children. It was an amazing adventure which was full of hope and potential but all that changed when my husband became terminally ill. I moved back to the UK with my children after my husband’s death and started the journey into a new phase of my life.

About Saoirse Brown

This journey was a very different one to the ones I had loved taking before (and still really enjoy). My life up until this point had been about living as a mother, a wife and even as a carer. The change of my husband passing away left me in need of a new direction and instruction on how to live life without him being a physical part of it. This was a journey into living consciously and fully.

This wasn’t an easy journey. It was hard to step away from the trauma I experienced through my husband’s illness and consequent death. It was in this new journey, that I came to realise that whilst he may not be with me physically, he will and still is inspiring me to embrace all of me and keep living the life I am meant to.

It is in this self-exploration and the journey to fully find me, that I have found a new beginning as an author and internationally recognised life coach. Stepping up and writing my book, The Right Path: Life After Death, was the big step into living consciously that has really moved my life onto a new path. I now take the confidence, and life experience, I have and channel it to help others in their life’s journey. Using techniques such as mindfulness, hypnotherapy, Reiki and EFT, I will help you find your true path in order to reach your full potential.

I really love using my experiences and expertise to help you identify your goals. I help you find what they really are. The ones that are often buried deep inside you, not those ones on the surface that are often what we believe we need to achieve because the world around us is telling us what to do. I work to empower you through diving deep into your soul and find the goals and any issues that are connected to them. I then help guide you through your journey towards your full potential. My ultimate goal is to help you live consciously so that you too can experience a positive transformation in your life.